I am a PhD student in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences - Control, Intelligent Systems, and Robotics (CIR) at UC Berkeley, grateful to be advised by Profs. Claire J. Tomlin and Zachary N. Sunberg. I am interested in developing autonomous systems and architectures that integrate learning, control, and planning to enable physical robots to operate intelligently, safely, and efficiently, with provable guarantees. Currently, my research approaches include:

  1. Integrating computer vision, machine learning, path planning and control systems to solve realistic robotic problems with high dimensional observations, spanning robotic navigation and manipulation.
  2. Devising provable and efficient online algorithms for MDPs and POMDPs with continuous and hybrid spaces using importance sampling and continuous multi-armed bandits.
  3. Applying motion planning techniques to other domains including nuclear radiation detection with drones and ecological population dynamics control.