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16 Jan 2023 Our paper on "Planning with SiMBA: Motion Planning under Uncertainty for Temporal Goals using Simplified Belief Guides" has been accepted for presentation at IEEE Int’l Conf. on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2023.
10 Jan 2023 Our paper on "Navigation between initial and desired community states using shortcuts" has been accepted for a journal publication in Ecology Letters.
01 Oct 2022 Tyler and Jackson presented their respective research on imperfect information games and adaptive stress testing at the AMOS conference.
22 Aug 2022 We are organizing a workshop on game theory for CoRL 2022 on Dec 15.
04 Aug 2022 We released the POMDPTools package, consolidating important tools for POMDPs.jl
16 Jul 2022 Our paper on "Automaton-Guided Control Synthesis for Signal Temporal Logic Specifications" has been accepted for presentation at CDC 2022.
11 Apr 2022 Himanshu successfully defended his Master’s Thesis. Congratulations Himanshu!
07 Apr 2022 Ben Kraske and John Tucker have received the NSF GRFP award. Congratulations Ben and John!
31 Jan 2022 Our paper on "Gaussian Belief Trees for Chance Constrained Asymptotically Optimal Motion Planning" has been accepted for presentation at ICRA 2022.
20 Dec 2021 Our paper on "Intention-Aware Navigation in Crowds with Extended-Space POMDP Planning" has been accepted for presentation at AAMAS 2022. (Slides)
01 Dec 2021 Our website is finally up!