Publication Checklist

You can copy the markdown source for this page and edit it to keep track of your progress.

Before Submission

  • Make sure to understand all deadlines including abstract and final submission
  • Overleaf project title should include venue, e.g. ICRA 2024


  • Add entry to the top of unsubmitted.bib
    • The entry type should be @unsubmitted
    • In the note field, add the words “In preparation” and indicate the expected submission date and venue
  • Upload to arxiv. Check to see if the venue has any special policies about arxiv.

After Submission

  • Add new entry to the top of our-pubs.bib:
    • Add the extra field note={Under review}
    • Add a field annotating which authors are lab members (this helps for proposals). If the first and second authors are students and Zach is the fourth author, you would use author+an={1=student;2=student;4=zach}.
    • Remove old entry from unsubmitted.bib

After Acceptance

After Final Camera-Ready Submission

  • Update arxiv to match submission and with proper links to the published article.